About us

When it came time to send our daughter to daycare I asked myself, “How will the staff know which bottle is hers? Will they mix up her mittens?” My daughter’s vocabulary at a year and a half was very limited. She couldn’t fully speak for herself, but I knew that labels would to that for her.

So I started searching for labels and that’s when I noticed there was not a brand out there that offered affordable prices and high quality. We were spending a lot for labels that would easily fall off or fade away in the wash.

So that’s when we decided to create our own labels. A brand that is affordable to everyone and has excellent quality. We thoroughly researched and discovered a product that is durable, waterproof, safe and inexpensive.

That’s when L’il Pals Decals was born!

And remember, It’s not just the little ones that need labels, we all do! Think about it. How many water bottles have you lost? Have you ever forgotten a tray or platter at a function? Marking your items with labels will help your things come back to you!